Traffic-policy priority-queue Port Range

Hello Everyone,

Is there a way to specify a port range for the command listed below? Also, if there is a better way to do this any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are trying to prioritize SIP traffic on our network, but DSCP tagging is being stripped by our firewall before it reaches the router which is making things a little difficult.

set traffic-policy priority-queue class 7 match ip source port xxxx-xxxxx

We don’t support port range in this particular place.
If you want to match just SIP traffic you can catch it by using a destination port udp/5060. That should be enough.

I do have a udp/5060 rule, but 3CX also uses ports 9000-10999 for VoIP. I’m curious if this will be a feature in the future.

I created a task in Phabricator.

You can subscribe to it, so that you get notified if there are any news.