Traffic shaping bandwidth question

Assume I have a 100 MBit line and I create a traffic shaping rule for 30 MBit

set traffic-policy shaper Test bandwidth ‘30mbit’

… what happens with the other 70 MBit?

what happens when I create a rule for 200MBit?

Setting to 30Mb/s , tosses 70 Mb/s out the window. Will remain unused
Setting to 200Mb/s will render shaper ineffective: You no longer own the queue:
The shaper queue will be empty, somewhere else packets will pile up.
So you no longer have control over what packets should be handled first.

interesting… ok, and what’s the recommended setting for a connection with a variable bitrate? I have a rate of 45 to 70 MBits … i varies over the day/week a little bit… most of the time it’s around 58 to 62

Static QoS settings don’t really handle variable link speed very well.
To always own the queue in your case …set it below 45

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