Trafic Policy HELP



Hi all,

I’m configuring a limit bandwitdh :

set traffic-policy limiter IA-IN default bandwidth ‘120mbps’
set traffic-policy limiter IA-IN default burst ‘128k’
set traffic-policy rate-control IA-RATE-OUT bandwidth ‘12000’
set traffic-policy rate-control IA-RATE-OUT burst ‘128k’

Applied on the LAN interface.

I get this result in UPLOAD, why ?? i don’t understand,…


Thanks in advance.


Nobody use this feature ? :frowning:


Please who use the feature “trafic control” ?


sir im also newbie in vyos,but what specific port or service u want to limit bandwith,i guess that pocily could not limit a port or service rather the interface bandwith is throttled or limited


i want to limited all the trafic not a speicific port or porotocol,…


maybe in rate limiting in firewall section then set it in the lan interface facing local and out