Transit ASN from Another ISP


I have configure my vyos for eBGP to 1 upstream and 2 downstream, i have successful send full prefix to downstream and received prefix from downstream but i cant send prefix from my downstream to upstream I am using route map and as-path

as-path-list INTERNAL-AS { rule 1 { action permit description internalAS regex ^$ } } as-path-list customer1 { rule 1 { action permit regex 134651 } }

route-map to-upstream { rule 1 { action permit match { as-path INTERNAL-AS } } rule 2 { action permit match { as-path customer1 } } }

when i use comman run show ip bgp neighbors x.x.x.x advertised-routes, sent to upstream only a prefix from my ASN, while the prefix of downstream not announce.

Please help me, sry for my bad english.


this case is close. thanks


can you share your solution for other users?