Trouble upgrading to version 1.1.8

I’m currently on version VyOS 999.201708220343 and trying to move to 1.1.8. I was able to get the 1.1.8 image downloaded to my router. However, when I booted into that image my config was completed defaulted, so I had to reboot and go back to VyOS 999.201708220343. Can anyone assist me with this?

Hi Grumbles,

You’re trying to go from a version that, I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know existed, to a version that’s so old it’s out of any sort of support since about 3 years ago.

You would be best to do a “show configuration commands” (if your Vyos version supports it!) and then migrating to the latest 1.3rc6, pasting in line by line and editing any lines that appear to be a problem/cause issues.

Not that helpful, but you’re on such old software I don’t really know what else to suggest.

A complete forklift huh? I can do that. If that is the fastest and easiest route that’s what I’ll do.

I guess 1.1.8 is completely outdated and EOL. Why not upgade to 1.2.8; I feel that is more stable.

VyOS versions name 999 were “old rolling images” from the VyOS 1.2 era. An upgrade from that version to either 1.2.8 or 1.3.0-rc6 is expected to work as the config is getting migrated under the hood by the migration scripts.

Stepped upgrades are required to get to the current 1.3.x branch. I thought I had something older than 1.1.8, so that was the first step. Then something in the 1.2.x series, then on to 1.3.x

I just upgraded to 1.3.0-rc6 without issue. Thanks for the information!

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Glad it worked @grumbles and please accept my apologies for steering you wrong with regards to version numbers. I’ve learnt something new myself.