Trouble with network bridge


Hello everybody!

I have some network bridges setup, and everything is mostly running fine, but I do have a weird problem and I don’t really know what to do with it, I think it’s how I have my network cards configured, but not sure.

So, I have two networks, 10.5.x.x and 10.10.x.x. I have a bridge for 10.5.x.x that extends the wan to 10.10.x.x. I have 10.5.x.x devices running and communicating in the 10.10.x.x side, so no problems there.

The problem I see is on the vyos on the 10.5.x.x side that has the bridge, anything I ping on the other side of the bridge gives me DUP! replies. It does have two interfaces on the same network, one for the bridge and one for network communication. I have not attempted to ping while specifying an interface, so I don’t know what that would result in.

Is this normal behavior, or did I do something wrong?