Trying to build from scratch can't create vmware image

I’m trying to create a new vmware ova from the latest source using docker

First problem is that although it appears to work I can’t see the .iso anywhere in the build directory or anywhere else.

However I didn’t notice that until after I did the make qemu and sudo make vmware lines so maybe it gets deleted in a later stage?

I also discovered I needed to add the ovftool and openvmdk stuff and to install the udev and parted packages to fix various requirements.

I did all that and make vmware eventually fails with the following
[2020-03-03 01:01:13] lb binary_checksums
P: Begin creating binary md5sum.txt…
Formatting ‘disk.raw’, fmt=raw size=2147483648
It seems kpartx didn’t mount the image correctly: exiting.
make: *** [Makefile:62: vmware] Error 1

What else am I missing here?

I found the .iso when I tried rebuilding from scratch. Looks like make vmware clobbers the iso. This should probably be documented