Two IPs are no longer routed to another network

Hello everybody,

I currently have a problem that I cannot solve. Since I have little experience with the Vyatta, I hope you can help me.

My company inherited a branch. There is a very old Vyatta VC6.5R1

There is network 192.168.0.x for users with VLAN 1. The management network has 192.168.9.x with VLAN 9

After a power failure (switches were unfortunately not on a UPS) I now have two switches, which can no longer be reached via ping.

If I ping from the 192.168.0.x network switches in the 192.168.9.x network, it works fine. - can ping except for the switches and Therefore, assume that the routing is configured correctly so far.
I cannot reach the Switch / via ping. The devices in 192.168.0.x, which are connected to the switch, function properly including ping etc.

When I ping from the Vyatta I reach the /, but not from the 192.168.0.x network. According to the boot config, no IP is blocked.

The ARP table also shows the switches.

The switches among themselves can also ping themselves.