Unable to access lan ips

Hi all,

remote lan :

config ( fresh install no firewall)

set vpn pptp remote‐access outside‐address 23.90.55.*
set vpn pptp remote-access client-ip-pool start
set vpn pptp remote-access client-ip-pool stop
set vpn pptp remote-access authentication mode local
set vpn pptp remote-access authentication local‐users username testuser password testpassword

I connect ok but not able to access any remote lan ip

pls help

Do you add route?
Something like
set protocols static interface-route next-hop-interface ppp0

Just to share my case: we already have a very strong VPN solution (2FA authentication and also AD integrated) to serve for limited number of users ( management team & IT team). In fact, setup for a new VPN user is quite complicated: we have to 1. Install VPN client software on user laptop, 2. install Google Authenticator on user phone, 3. Generate TOTP token, 4. Register the token into Google Authenticator respectively, 5. Train user how to use the VPN, 6. Some other supports.
Then we faced with the Covid-19 pandemic. In this situation, IT have to support for 170 users to work from home with time constrainst in this project is just 3 days ( including the installation/configuration at end user devices). The existing solution is not appropriate in the new situation. What is the new approach I used recently:

  1. Vyos PPTP with Radius authentication
  2. Windows 2K12 NPS as Radius server
  3. Windows GPO + Powershell to auto-create VPN PPTP profile on all company laptops.
    Just in 1day I did deliver the work from home solution to 170+ user. Connection is controlled by user account in AD. Management team are very happy with the prompt action from IT.
    So men, please share with me your diagram then I may have comments to you. At my very early comment is probaly you haven’t yet routing between VPN subnet and your local subnets.
    Good luck.


You also can consider SSTP(as alternative to PPTP) which is also windows native

Hi. No SSTP with Vyos 1.1.8. I will try with a newer version then update you guys the result.