Unable to build ISO


Am trying to build ISO image as per the link https://wiki.vyos.net/wiki/Howto_build_VyOS_1.2_ISO_image_and_VMWare_.OVF , but the same is not working, i can see a file vyos-1.2-amd64.iso that is linked to live-image-amd64.hybrid.iso but there is no file with the name live-image-amd64.hybrid.iso

Is anyone else also facing this issue


Hey the wiki is migrated to https://vyos.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ and a little bit outdated.

the actual build process is also there or in readme.md of this repo:

HI Thanks for pointing this, one more query the WIKI mentions to use debian 9 while the readme.md mentions to use debian jessie 8, which one is recomended.

debian 8, but the docker method is recommended.

on which point you read about debian 9? i can’t find it

https://vyos.readthedocs.io/en/latest/build-vyos.html mentions

Building VyOS using Docker

This will guide you though the process of building a VyOS ISO yourself using Docker and works best on a fresh installation of Debain 9 (Stretch).

so asked which is recomended

yeah ok it is a little bit confusing. this guide mention to run the docker container (provided by the Dockerfile in the vyos-build repo) on a debian 9, which also can be a other linux or mac os.

Will try the docker method as suggested, thanks

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