Unable to ping between to VMs on different ESXi Hosts

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am out of my league.

I am trying to set up a lab within an existing vShere deployment and am not getting anywhere.

I installed the latest version of VyOS and configured the outside IP address to DHCP and the inside to be

the physical switch is configured with trunk ports on VLAN 13. Each of the two ESXi servers has a physical adapter connected on VLAN 13

The VyOS is on ESXi 1 and the windows server is on ESXi 2 and the two cannot communicate.

you need to create portgroup with vlan 13 and attach VyOS to it,
or if you use trunked portgroup you need configure vif to get vlans working

So would I need to configure a distributed switch? Or would a vswitch on each ESXi tagged with VLAN 13 work? Also what is “vif”

standard vswitch will work, just set tag 13 on portgroup

for vif see VyOS User Guide — VyOS 1.3.x (equuleus) documentation
this can be used on trunked portgroups

But i will recommend keep it simple