Unidirectional Ping?

The issue is I can ping from a workstation who has a static ip of with a GW of which is the eth7 vyos router interface. On the vyos router I cannot ping the workstation, I have deleted and tried linux, servers , and other devices with no luck. If I add a router and connect it I can get it to ping.
I can see the mac address and the remote port for the workstation when I do a “show arp” on the vyos router.
All my interfaces are up.
I have a static entry for the 10.0.0./29 network to point to I can see routing table has all the right routing info for the

Is there something I am missing just to get ping to go both directions?

                         S>* [1/0] via, eth0, weight 1, 00:17:49

O [110/0] is directly connected, lo, weight 1, 00:24:56
C>* is directly connected, lo, 00:25:04
O>* [110/1] via, bond1, weight 1, 00:24:05
S [1/0] is directly connected, eth7, weight 1, 00:24:57
C>* is directly connected, eth7, 00:25:02
S [1/0] via inactive, weight 1, 00:02:40
O [110/1] is directly connected, eth0, weight 1, 00:17:49
C>* is directly connected, eth0, 00:17:49
O [110/1] is directly connected, bond0, weight 1, 00:24:56
C * is directly connected, bond0.10, 00:24:58
C>* is directly connected, bond0, 00:24:58
O [110/1] is directly connected, bond1, weight 1, 00:24:56
C * is directly connected, bond1.10, 00:24:59
C>* is directly connected, bond1, 00:24:59
O>* [110/2] via, bond1, weight 1, 00:24:05

Are you setting the source you’re pinging from?

It might be that Vyos is chosing to source ping from a IP that your remote device doesn’t have a route back to.

You could always use tcpdump as well to see what exactly is going out on the wire.


I set up just the basics with two routers…
IP on the interface on the vyos router as Then added:
set protocols static route out of the same ethernet interface that has the IP.

I did this on the remote router the only difference was added on the interface.
did a ping, and it completed both directions, on each router.
I deleted the remote router, then added a windows 10 machine, with a default gateway and IP address set:

Ping completes from the Windows machine.

Ping fails again from the router. What is this?

Is the Windows firewall enabled / possibly blocking your pings?

Let me check that.

I see that the pings from the router are crossing the wire but no response is making it back. From the packet capture.

Windows 10 firewall blocks ipv4 and ipv6 incoming per default. If it is a ping reply it is allow per default.

to check you can use tcpdump on the vyos side. Like tcpdump -i eth7 -n -vv icmp

@Jonfvk form what you have described here it sound strongly like windows 10 default firewall.


That was the issue, switched to linux and the issue resolved. Thanks! I appreciate it.


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