Unknown Hostname


I have an Unpublished website and it is accessible to the public since it wasn’t registered to any DNS servers I’ve set my Domain name using Windows Host file. here’s what I’ve get.

where test.local is in the windows host file
is there any way to achieve this one?

Where does VyOS fit into this?

I think that it has something to do with vyos since it was working on an security appliance. it seems vyos is not responding to the browser’s request to that hostname since i set it on windows hostfile.

is there anything i could do to make vyos work with windows host file?

When you set a hosts file entry, it will resolve that first and foremost. It would never even go to the router/network’s DNS server.

That’s not how it works.

Your hosts file is the first entry that is read during a lookup.

Your screenshot shows a squid page, are you running the ‘web filter’ in VyOS?