Unreachable port

Hello there!

I’m new with Vyatta, and i’m having a trouble!, hope you can help me.

This is my situation:
I have a linux server with port 22 and 9090 open.
When i want to reach the 22, goes ok, but when i try to connect to 9090, fails.

Im trying to connect from other ip that are in the same subnet, and shares the gateway.

In the Vyatta, i dont have any firewall rule set.

What could be the problem?


Either firewall on that linux host or app listen only on

Syncer, hello!

In the linux, iptables and SElinux are desactivated.

netstat -an | grep -i 9090

tcp6 0 0 :::9090 :::* LISTEN

Thanks for your reply!

Check for requests to connect and answers with tcpdump on your server. If you try to connect from same client as with 22 port and really there is no firewall, I believe that it is not routing problem.

Thanks all for the reply!

Was a layer 8 problem, iptables in red hat 7 is named firewalld, not iptables :man_facepalming:

Sorry for the bother!
Thanks to both!


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