Untagged vif-c


Is there any way to configure a untagged vif-c interface?


I’m not sure if I follow, but if I get this correctly, have you tried to set the VLAN tag to 1 for it?


Yes, it tags the frames as 1, ie, I can’t set the interface facing switch port with a PVID since the switch still sees it as 1


Dont use vif - then its not tagged. Vyos is not a switch so you dont assign a interface to a VLAN. If you want to have a tag - use vif - if you dont want a tag dont use vif.


Thanks for the advice,

That is correct, so if a switch facing a Q-in-Q encapsulation port passes untagged frames, then the ethertype is set to 88a8 and the outer vlan is added. But since there is no sub-interface (or inner tag), the vif-s which is the 88a8 interface can be configured with an address and receive those 88a8 single tagged frames.

It tested this and it was the solution I was looking for.