Unusual traffic on vyatta from last week?

Since last week Vyatta is showing unsual input traffic ? any body knows what might be causing this behavior. Capture

Hard to say, you need to provide much more information

please tell me what information do i need to tell? i will provide you. @syncer

how can i monitor from where this traffic is coming. can this be done somehow?

You are monitoring somehow with your screenshot. How are you doing that? Can’t you use the same platform?

You can use any number of tools on the command line, tcpdump being the most useful.

You have essentially shown us a picture, with no data, and said, “where is this data coming from?” Nobody knows but you.

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i am doing it through splunk. it is showing traffic but noit the nature of traffic and source of traffic. thanks for your help i am going to use TCP dump to find out.