Upgrade fails 1.3 to 1.4

Hi All,

I want to upgrade VyOS 1.3.0-rc6 to 1.4-rolling-202212130326 but fails to migrate the configuration and redirect me to a Debian login prompt.

Am thinking of upgrading to 1.4 and manually configure the box from scratch but i assume there should be a more efficient approach?

Hope someone can help me out


Can you try again with the latest 1.4 rolling image?

A few months ago I have the same situation. But it is easy to migrate from an old version to a new version.

On your old Vyos use following command to get all commands for your configuration.

show configuration commands

Boot up a new Vyos with version 1.4 and enter all commands line for line. Somewhere is a command path that has changed. Figure out the new command path and all is fine.

If you share your config, we can work on it and include any fix if needed.

Thanks guys for the replies!

Guess I have to copy the config line by line.
@sdev thanks, but its not that much of a work.

It would be nice if you can bug report these failing migrations, as these should be fixed within the migration scripts.


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