Upgrade issues from 1.3.0-RC1 to 1.3.0-RC5


After upgrading VyOS from 1.3.0-RC1 to 1.3.0-RC5, I face issues like cannot ping the router.
But the router network is working as I can ping external networks (eg Google.com).

I am new to VyOS and not so familiar with what logs I can check that can help me out to point out the issue.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

Do you use any firewall/PBR/Zones?
It is not clear it just ICMP or also affected to ssh?


Yes, a firewall is set up on this router.
This is a working router prior to the upgrade.

Sorry, yes, ssh is affected. Seems all inbound traffic is not accepted.

It’s like the inbound traffic issue is due to ospf/ospf3 not working properly after the upgrade.

Is it works from directly connected devices?
Start with excluding the firewall from interfaces.
I can’t add another advice from above information. If you know the problem in ospf - check all needed ospf routes.