Upgrade VyOS kernel

Hi all,

I’m working with the stable 1.1.8 version.
Cloned it, built it & installed it.
Now I need to upgrade the kernel at least to version 4.10.
Any ideas how to do that?


You probably want vyos 1.2 from here http://dev.packages.vyos.net/iso/current/amd64/

Thanks for your reply.

A few notes -
i. vyos 1.2 has kernel version 4.4.95, I’ll still need to upgrade to at least 4.10. Is there a clean way to do that?
ii. I need an x86 iso, not amd. Seems like i586 is not supported yet in vyos 1.2.

Please advise.
Thanks a lot for any help.

You will need to merge the 4.10 kernel with the vyos 4.4.95 version to come up with a vyos 4.10 version. I have no idea how much work is involved there. Then you need to be able to build a 586 version of the iso. I am working on that part. http://www.five-ten-sg.com/mapper/blog/vyos

Were you successful in doing the kernel merge to get to 4.10?

Latest rolling release are on 4.14

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