Upgraded 1.4 rolling from 2023-04-06 to 2023-05-03 - weird "debian Password & verification code" prompt? Interfaces not coming up?


I have a instance running VyOS 1.4 rolling on bare metal.

I recently upgraded from 2023-04-06 (202304060936) to 2023-05-03 (202305030317) - upon rebooting in the new version, I noticed there was no internet connectivity on my network.

I checked the console port on the VyOS box, and it says:

[   34.897538] vyos-config
Welcome to VyOS - debian ttyS0

debian login: vyos
Password & verification code: 

Login incorrect
debian login: 

I noticed that this is different to my normal VyOS login prompt - it said “debian login” instead of “vyos login”, and it’s asking for some kind of "verification code’.

I tried my previous vyos login, and was not able to login - and as mentioned, the interfaces didn’t seem to come up (at least from the other side).

I rebooted the box, and it did seem to go through a normal VyOS startup sequence (i.e. starting services, OK etc.) but then it dumped me back at the above debian prompt, and asking for a verification.

From GRUB, I booted back into the previous build - and the normal vyos login prompt came back, I was able to login with my password, and the interfaces are up.

Firstly - does anybody know if this is a known issue in the current rolling versions? What would explain the debian and verification code prompts?

Secondly, when I booted back into the previous working version, I got this:

[  OK  ] Finished ssh-session-clean…nBSD Secure Shell session cleanup.
[  OK  ] Finished systemd-user-sess…ervice - Permit User Sessions.
[   27.818087] vyos-router[1591]: Waiting for NICs to settle down: settled in 2sec..
[   34.075622] vyos-router[1591]: Mounting VyOS Config...done.
[   62.544969] vyos-router[1591]: Starting VyOS router: migrate configure.
[   62.720520] vyos-config[1598]: Configuration success

Welcome to VyOS - vyos ttyS0

vyos login: vyos
Welcome to VyOS!

Does anybody know if it’s safe to rollback between versions like this? I believe the same configuration space is shared between different VyOS versions - is there a chance of corruption, or of a bad build borking the config?


In my lab device, I was able to successfully upgrade from this version 1.4-rolling-202304070317 to 1.4-rolling-202305041401. Maybe for your device the upgrade did not finish properly so it went into debian mode. Where you able to see any messages above this line "[ 34.897538] vyos-config " in your console ?
“password & verification code” is related to the 2FA authentication, its prompted if the user is other than vyos.
It is safe to rollback to the previous version and the last saved configuration of that version will be restored. The lines shown after the reboot are normal and as expected.
Please share your full configuration, you can hide your private data to check in the lab.


I faced the same issue while I fresh install the latest vyos-build.
It seems there is no default system login entry in config file.
So I have to use the password reset boot entry to update the password.

interfaces {
    ethernet eth0 {
        hw-id "52:54:00:1d:6a:ce"
    ethernet eth1 {
        hw-id "52:54:00:32:51:35"
system {
    config-management {
        commit-revisions "200"
    conntrack {
        modules {
            ftp { }
            h323 { }
            nfs { }
            pptp { }
            sip { }
            sqlnet { }
            tftp { }

May I know the steps taken to build the iso ? You can refer the following documentation:


I have mistake to use root permision to build iso.
so I have problem with that.
When I used normal user with sudo, everything is ok right now.
Thanks a lot.