Upgrading from 1.1.7 to 1.1.8


Currently we have Vyos version 1.1.7.
Was wondering if we would upgrade to 1.1.8 => will there be a need for configuration update? or the new version knows how to handle (run) the current configuration of the 1.1.7.
What i’m asking is: Will there be a need for updates in the current configuration due to the new version upgrade?.

Thank you.


you just add new image and boot into in, config will be handled automatically
if something went wrong you can reboot into previous version


Hi and thank you for the fast reply.
Our plan is to install the new image on a fresh server and upload the config that we took from the old one.
Hope it will go well (as far as i understand, should be ok).

Thank you once again.
Have a great weekend!.


keep in mind that your old config will have different MACs



I am also considering updating a vyos from v1.1.7 to v1.1.8, but on an AWS marketplace instance.
My question : if something goest wrong, how to rollback ? Since we have no screen on AWS virtual machine, until they have started correctly…
(And if the answer is to use aws snapshot in case of a problem, then I have another question : in this case, how to speed up the boot process after upgrade, ie how to avoid the startup menu that let choice of version to boot, for some secondes, until timeout… ?)

Many thanks !


And another question about AWS upgrade: after an upgrade, what is the best way to free used space by old installation ? (the filesystem free space decrease significantly after each upgrade…)


Ok, found, it’s with “show system image” and “delete system image” commands…