Upload speed drops to 50-70% after 24h since restarted bgp sessions!

Hello guys,

I dont know what is wrong i have a strange think, i reinstalled my vyos router with version Version: VyOS 1.4-rolling-202102250218 cuz i had a old one since 2020 january so i was like lets make it with new version :slight_smile:

After i reinstalled the router/server with v mentioned customers started to call me asking me if i put some uploads limits, cuz now when they download some files it gows with 3-4mb :expressionless: , before was like 60-80MB (600-800mbps), when they upload on the servers it gows like normal 60-80MB.

I have 3 providers.

1 - 300Mbps (30MB) Upload/Download Speed Minimum Guarantee up to 1GB.
2 - 150Mbps (15MB) Upload/Download Speed Minimum Guarantee up to 1GB.
3 - 150Mbps (15MB) Upload/Download Speed Minimum Guarantee up to 1GB.

So, i have internet on the office/home…etc from ISP 1 cuz ISP 1 is the largest one in ower country, so its like 80% of ppl have ISP 1.

So home or in the office i was uploading and downloading from/to ower DC with 70-80MB (700-800mbps) not just me even customers …etc

Now after i reinstalled the router with v 1.4… its download speed only 3-4Mb :expressionless: , i started to call all providers, customers who have ISP 1, 2, 3, all the same speed.

So i started to argue with my providers, 3 weeks lots of teams, mails, calls, cable changed… nothink same, but there was a think, i changed the cable, was all ok working after 24h back again and i was like w…

And i started to restart providers sessions at 09:00, the speed was back again all day, all night, i was happy.

Secand day i go back to office at 10:00, speed was down again, i restarted bgp sessions, speed back again :expressionless: so i keep doing this for 1 week now, and even now writing this is the same.

The configurations on the router ar the same like in previews one, on the previews one never had this sort of problems.

This problem its only when i download sompting anythink from the servers, even from the router directly, but if i upload on the router or any server from home or office it go 600-800mpbs this is good.

The upload speed from DC drops and i dont know why, and i dont know what to do and not just restarting bgp sessions.

I even made videos with this strage think for my providers and they all say its because of the router, no cables, no nothink else cuz we mesure all the cables.

Ower DC Network is 10GB. so, 3 ISP IN on the Router, From Router to Switch its 10GB, even on 60% of ower servers they have 10GB Networks, only old ones ar on 1GB.

Ower traffic is low, same not increased.