Use gateway from DHCP server


Hi, I’d like to use Vyos as ‘gateway’ between my internal Hyper-V machines. Main thing to do; communicate to what ever wifi/network I’m on with my laptop. So my external adress is set as DHCP client, to get the default gateway from the current (wifi/eth) DHCP server.

I’ve read the Vyos manual, and it seems I can only set the defaultgateway as static adress?, can I configure Vyos to use the gateway offered by one of the DHCP client adapaters? This to avoid to have to configure a gateway each time I plug my network in a new wifi/eth network with a different gateway.



once you setup DHCP on one of the interfaces it will pick up and set default route from DHCP,
no need to configure it each time manually.


Thanks, you’re right! ermm, and the way to check that; ‘show ip route’.

Thanks Syncer!


You are welcome!


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