Use Vyos (1.3.4) Default gateway address ( as DNS-server for vif120 (DNS forwarding)

Have a test network with following:

vif 120
description VLAN120

I have setup
system name-server
system name-server

dns forwarding allow-from
dns forwarding listen-address
dns forwarding system

service {
dhcp-server {
shared-network-name VLAN120 {
subnet {
range 0 {

But when I use client with DHCP on VLAN120 i only get ip address, no DNS address.

What am I missing/doing wrong?


You didn’t set name-server for shared-network-name

Thanks for reply
Should it be ??

If you want to use the forwarder in VyOS then yes it should be

But personally I would generally avoid using forwarder and instead just use NAT towards Internet if needed.

A better option if you still want to use forwarder is to install PI-Hole or similar in a container in your VyOS to get better statistics and filtering of DNS queries passing by.

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