User creation at boot time


I was checking the docs, but there’s something I cannot yet figure out: How are users being created? If I check the /etc/passwd file that comes with the iso, there’s no Vyos user, so I guess it’s created by one of the scripts at boot time, based on the users defined on the config.boot?

I’m asking because when trying to run Vyos as a docker container, the Vyos user is not created and I cannot enter configuration mode. So it’s seems the script in charge of creating them is not being executed.

thanks in advance.

Hi @iverona,
Yes user creates from boot.config file. I think you need to run /sbin/init

docker run -d --name R1 --net=none --privileged -v /lib/modules:/lib/modules vyos-img /sbin/init

Thanks @Dmitry, will review the pod spec.