Using vyos' DNS for local name resolution



I have configured 2 local networks in vyos: LAN + DMZ.

Dnsmasq normally work when using it for local name resolution.
One must maintain /etc/hosts at least.

Should this work with dnsmasq in vyos, too?

I tried to add entries in /etc/hosts, but local name resolution fails.

Any advise?



You can use static host mapping
set system static-host-mapping host-name inet


Is this command set system static-host-mapping host-name inet required to enable static host mapping and I must maintain /etc/hosts additionally?
Or must I execute this command for every single hostname + IP?


how about to try yourself? :wink:


This is a productive router that I don’t want to mess up with some try&error procedures.


do vm and you cann mess up there without limits


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