Vcenter - vmwaretool doesnt show all ip addresses

My other thread was locked due some misunderstandings. This was not explained on slack, and is a separate issue.

Issue: vcenter only shows one IP address
Only some vyos machines have this issue, maybe 20% of my vyos machines, and I can’t really see a pattern yet.
VyOS 1.3.1-S1.

Expected result: vcenter to show all (~40 IPs) on the system

Troubleshooting done: restarted openvmtools service on vyos, restarted the vyos machine, upgraded to latest vyos stable.

This VM should show many more IPs

This sees only one IP (it actually has many ips)

This sees all IPs as expected

olof@vyos-1:~$ show int | strip-private 
Codes: S - State, L - Link, u - Up, D - Down, A - Admin 
Interface        IP Address                        S/L  
---------        ----------                        ---  
eth0             -                                 u/u  
eth0.73                    u/u 
eth0.206                    u/u 
eth1             -                                 u/u  
eth1.74                    u/u  
eth1.75                    u/u  
eth1.76                   u/u  
eth1.77                   u/u  
eth1.78                   u/u  
eth1.79                   u/u  
eth1.80                   u/u  
eth1.81                   u/u  
eth1.82                   u/u  
eth1.83                   u/u  
eth1.84                   u/u  
eth1.85                   u/u  
eth1.86                   u/u  
eth1.87                   u/u  
eth1.88                   u/u  
eth2             -                                 u/u  
lo                            u/u

Hi, @olofl!
I did some research after your message in Slack and did not find anything specific to VyOS that can lead to a situation like this.
VMware Tools has limitations for the total amount of addresses and interfaces that can be processed, but it does not seem that you reached any of them. So, I am afraid that this problem (or nuance?) should be addressed to VMware Tools developers/support.