very low throughput. any idea?

I used to use edgerouter lite. I was happy with its WAN-LAN throughput. But it’s openvpn performance was dismal. I decided to buy new hardware and try this out.

I bought the supermicro C2758 mini-itx motherboard with 8G of RAM, installed the latest 64 bit version image. I have set it up with the minimal config to just just test the throughput. I had no firewall rules set right now. Testing on 100M cable line, it gives me constantly 94M. While my netgear R7000 gives 170M.

I also tried to setup openvpn client with PIA, I am not able to.

But plain WAN-LAN speed is very poor. Any idea?

If you have a 100M connection, how are you pulling 170M on the Netgear? What exactly are you measuring?

My ISP always give you a bit of more than your capped bandwidth. I normally get 130M steady.

I use to test wan-lan speed.

I see. If you are pulling 94Mbps, that is pretty much exactly what you would expect on a 100Mbps interface. When you plug the VyOS box in, are you sure a 100M link doesn’t somehow get introduced in the path?