VIF interface not running in VMware environment [SOLVED]

Hello. After successfully migrating my old vyatta server to a VMware virtualized vyos 1.1.7, I just found one “little” problem.

My vyos has 2 interfaces (one in the external and other in the internal vmware port group). it’s the classic WAN/LAN setup. In my server I also had a “vif 68” with address on my internal vyos interface, which was meant to access from my desktop a VLAN with id 68 for the iLO and CIMC on HP and Cisco servers. My configuration is exactly the same as before but it is not working because I think that there is no mapping between vif 68 interface and the port group I’ve specified (vlan id included) in vmware.

Has anyone done this?
Thanks and regards.

Specifying the VLAN of the external and internal interfaces (which is the same, by the way), makes my internet connection drop :frowning:

Your portgroup need to be trunked (several vlans must be specified)

According to VMware documentation one must “not use native vlan id of physical switch as a vlan id on ESXi portgroup”.

VYOS documentation

“Create a LAN port group and set the VLAN to 4095. This allows you to create VIFs for each of your internal vlans on the fly without needing to attach additional network adapters from the vSphere console. Do
this for each non-WAN/Management vSwitch instance on the Host.”

so I just set the VLAN ID of 4095 to my “internal” port group and everything works, both access to wan and lan and even to the network behind the vyos vif interface.
Not sure why this works, but it is working. I guess I’ll study this a bit more.

This made me understand. Maybe it helps someone.