Vlan and Trunking in HyperV 2012 R2

Greetings to all Concerned

Helium Vyos 1.1.6 System Type X86 HyperV

Hi All

I have a Single Hyperv Host that I am using as a Lap Environment

I have Vyso as A Vm in the Setup, testing Vyso Functionality

The Vif seems to be a issue , ie vlan tagging etc

The other issue I noticed was the Dhcp relay

I pointed vyos to Windows DHCP server with no luck too

Please advise what version of Linux Integration Services for HyperV is present in the build mentioned above

I am experiencing difficulties with Vlan and Trunking in my Lab Setup

Thank You

did you set the interfaces on the hypervisor in Promiscuous mode. and try to capture the tagged packages with a tagged interface.

try to tag with the same vlan on the hypervisor…
for config check…
http://vyos.net/wiki/User_Guide in the section ‘802.1Q VLAN’

I know this is an old question and maybe it was answered somewhere else here in the forum… nevertheless:

I have some Hyper-v both 2012 (R2) and 2016 (including nano) working fine with Ethernet VIF (VLAN tagging).
You have to enable trunking mode on the virtual adapter attached to the vyos machine on which you want to create one or more VIF.

To do this you need to use Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan

Here you are an example of the way I enable trunking on my VyOSes running inside Hyper-v

Get-VM "vyos-vm-name" | Get-VMNetworkAdapter | where { $_.SwitchName -eq "LAN"} | Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan -Trunk -NativeVlanId 2000 -AllowedVlanIdList "1-1024"

In the where clause “LAN” is the name of the virtual switch where the interface I want to modify is attached

You have to issue this command on the hyperv server or inside a remote session connected to it.
Also, this config is per-machine so it won’t affect your host configuration

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