VPN tunneling. Need help

Good day
Please help. Due to the war in my country, I moved part of my servers to another country. How can I make the VPN tunnel transparent so that the address space is the same on both sides? I am asking for help in configuring the VPN tunnel.
I am not asking for a ready solution. I am asking for help with materials to solve my question.
Sincerely grateful.

GRE/Wireguard/Anyconnect/ikev2 ipsec/ipsec site-to-site all the vpn solution will fit for u, I think.

I am trying to use VyOS on both sides

well , i think you can use a VPN road-wirror using Wireguard , we have several examples :


I not sure what is your current requirements , any way , if you need help , let us know.

GRETAP, as on:
Tunnel — VyOS 1.3.x (equuleus) documentation

I set vyos on both sides too, I highly recommend wireguard+ospf+bgp+bfd to build VPN network, since it works great faster and neat.

Any chance you can share more details of this setup?

it very complex. But it can be achive with more small steps. Maybe you can try Wireguard first. then enable ospf. then bgp and bfd.

I have a few wg tunnels setup and use PBR depending on which tunnel I am connecting to.

It was to understand the benefits of the other items in your VPN network.

I’ve already hijacked this thread too much, perhaps I can DM you to share the info?

What’s the use of OSPF? Topic starter wants same subnet on both sides, to make geographically separate sites look as if they were operating in the same LAN network.

Indeed, GRE or VXLAN maybe the right choose.