VPS vpn IPsec tunnel

Looking for assistance on configuring a new VPS with a IPsec vpn tunnel… I could do with assistance on the configuring of my bare metal vyos system which is already configured and working but adding an additional vps is proving tricky

You can go through the documentation for references:


What issues are you facing while adding the VPS.

Thank you and yes some of this I’ve seen and is helpful

The issue we have is the initial set up and config is running and we have VPS connectivity to our provider over the ipsec tunnel

Unfortunately (and this was beyond my control I’ve just taken it on) the initial admin was done through Ansible playbooks by an admin who has since left and left with no documentation in place

I have now been tasked with adding another VPS connection through the in place site to site vpn tunnel without the playbooks to hand or able to use

I think in this instance all I need to do is set up the Tunnel configuration for the new VPS with the relevant IPs as all other config is in place

would you agree?

Yes, with the above reference configuration you can apply with your relevant ip address. If you face any issue, share your full configuration and logs.

As yet no issues as we haven’t even sorted the new VPS so we do not have all the relevent information. The issues will be though are that all the current VPS set up has been with Ansibler playbooks which we do not have any sight of so when we add the additional VPS we will have to do this as a seperate config which is concerning as we do not know what the playbooks are doing. So we just need a run through of setting up a stand-alone VPS going through the already existing s2s vpn isec tunnel and would appreciate any guidance available with this