VRF (namespace) for vyos 1.1.7+


Hello, ive been trying to get VRF(namespace) working with vyos 1.1.7 and 1.2.0beta

Ive been following the instructions from https://github.com/upa/vrf-vyatta/blob/master/README.md, and managed to compile iproute (4.3.0) and Quagga (1.0.20160315) with multivty

when i run ip netns add and list, i do see the namespace created
however, if i try to get any command executed in the namespace, i get :
vbash-4.1# /sbin/ip -V
ip utility, iproute2-ss151103
vbash-4.1# /sbin/ip netns exec test ip -V
setting the network namespace “test” failed: Function not implemented

any hints on what could be doing this ?

additional info :

When i configure iproute2, i see “libc has setns : no” :
TC schedulers
ATM no
IPT using xtables

iptables modules directory: /lib/xtables
libc has setns: no
SELinux support: no
ELF support: no
libmnl support: no
Berkeley DB: yes

docs: latex: no
WARNING: no docs can be built from LaTeX files
sgml2html: no
WARNING: no HTML docs can be built from SGML