VRRP BGP Failover Slow (Question)

Currently using VRRP with BGP and whenever there is a failover to the other router (e.g. if the first router is rebooted) it takes time for the failover to happen.

I noticed that when I run show ip bgp on the second router when the first router is PRIMARY there are only 2 entries.

Sorry I am quite new to BGP but is there a way for the secondary router to also obtain all the BGP routes even when it is running as a backup so that failover is quicker?

Each BGP neighborhood requires a separate connection. Correspondingly, each BGP peer requires a separate IP address.
If you use a VRRP address, only the active router can establish a connection on behalf of that address.
Therefore, the standby router has no neighborhood and no routes.
When it becomes active, it forms a neighborhood, gets routes. This takes time.

I think it is better to make active BGP sessions on every BGP router (and not use VRRP addresses for them).

Thanks for this, checked with other experts and they too recommended the same. Appreciate the help.