VRRP Bouncing due to interfaces being momentarilty disabled during commit

Hello VyOS,

I’ve been running into the issue of trying to set up VRRP between two homelab routers, one virtual and one hardware. The issue I’m running into is with transition scrips. My setup uses DHCP for internet from a residential cable ISP and I’m trying to hand that DHCP address from one router to another using transition scripts, but I’ve found that when the transition script enables the dhcp interface for the ISP connection in the config and commits and saves the changes that the entire interface (including the ones that are being monitored by VRRP) are being taken down. This may be due to the fact that I’m using a VLAN on a VLAN aware interface and commit taking the entire interface down to change the virtual interface. Is this the expected action of a commit?

The configurations are effectively identical save for the priority of the VRRP groups on the virtual one currently to ensure it’s the master due to the bouncing of the hardware one.

The transition scripts are essentially: On Fail enter configuration mode, disable WAN vif interface, commit, save, exit. On Master enter configuration mode, enable WAN vif interface, commit, save, exit.

Is there a better way to do this?

Both routers are running VyOS 1.4 rolling 1.4-rolling-202211120317.