are there any solution to enable VRRP IPv6 on VyOS ?
I know that there was a workaround posted by Stig before he left Vyatta. Any other solutions ?

VRRP IPv6 is something that we are working on in 1.2.x
you may want to try betas from http://dev.packages.vyos.net/iso/current/amd64/
and see if it works as you expect.
Please don’t use it in production, since it’s not production ready yet
if you find bugs or issues please submit them to https://phabricator.vyos.net

I can’t use that, as the router where I need IPv6 is a production router.

Any ETA about the stable version? I absolutely need the IPv6.

or any change to get VRRP IPv6 merged in the current branch ? Today IPv6 is mandatory.

Any ETA about the v1.2 stable ? We need IPv6 and VRRP !

No ETAs but you can follow blog.vyos.net

I tried one of recent dev versions (I think it was 17-Apr-2017 version) and there is no way how to setup VRRP with IPv6 address. I’d love to give try! But how to do that?

Try it: set interfaces ethernet eth0 vrrp vrrp-group 123 virtualaddress [tab tab]

and you get IPv4 only

I can confirm, latest nightly dev release still has the same issue.
Perhaps: T105

Perhaps we need to contribute :slight_smile: