VRRP Load balancing


I was wondering if it is possible to do VRRP load balancing on VyOS?

Was thinking about something like the load balancing mode HP is offering, where the router is responding with a “random” mac address from the vrrp pool to arp requests.

Vrrp is not loadbalancing.
With vrrp you announce a IP on a interface of two devices. One has priority and if this fails the secondary takes over. This can even been done with more device’s.

What vyos do here is using keepalive on Linux.

But there is also loadbalancing so that when a certain peer is available is sends a portion or all traffic to this interface.

Both options can work with a check script if the normal option did not meet your needs.

Like I said, I am looking for something like the vrrp load balance mode HP is offering for example.

I even explained how it roughly works.

Also I’m looking for a solution to load balance traffic from downstream clients, not towards upstreams.
Example: You have two VyOS routers acting as a gateway and 100 clients below. The clients have one IP address as a gateway and because it’s a mixed set of clients doing some config shenanigans on the clients itself is not a option.

Goal is that traffic from the clients are somewhat even spread across the clients.
If one gateway goes down, the other should take over the load from the lost one.

sound´s like you are ECMP?

Unfortunately this is kinda unrelated :frowning:
ECMP is used usually between routers and such and requires to have multiple routes in the routing table which is commonly achieved trough OSPF or other dynamic routing protocols.

I wanna load balance the traffic from regular clients towards their gateways.
Idk, take a phone as a example client in the network.
The phone neither speaks OSPF nor can I install multiple routes/gateways.