VRRP notification email

Keepalived implements a simple configuration for notification:

global_defs {
   notification_email {
   notification_email_from noc+vrrp@foo.com
   smtp_connect_timeout 30
   router_id CR01

While VyOS supports transition scripts, a simple way to leverage Keepalived’s notification functionality is desirable.

Something along the lines of:

set high-availablilty vrrp global notification_email foo@bar.com
set high-availablilty vrrp global notification_email_from foo@bar.com
set high-availablilty vrrp global smtp_server x.x.x.x
set high-availablilty vrrp global smtp_connect_timeout n
set high-availablilty vrrp global router_id CR01


Did you check that it is enough and it works in your case?
As I don’t see at least authentication. Or SMTP server should accept this address without auth?

Yes it works, at least with Keepalived v1.3.5 on CentOS 7.

We run a local, private mail relay that forwards so we don’t have to deal with authentication.


I created a feature request T5022

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Hi @solideco,

after an internal discussion we came to the conslusion that keepalived SMTP implementation is incomplete (e.g. it lacks authentication). In order to still support your request we think we should enable support of 3rd party configurations placed in e.g. /etc/keepalived/conf.d.

Using this you can simply add your required configuration and it will be easier for your extensions.

What you think?