VRRP Source Address does not display properly if multicast src ip is empty

Dear members.

Filed http://bugzilla.vyos.net/show_bug.cgi?id=202

set interfaces ethernet eth0 vrrp vrrp-group 100 virtual-address
set interfaces ethernet eth0 vrrp vrrp-group 100 description test
vyos@vyos:~$ show vrrp detail 
Use of uninitialized value in printf at /opt/vyatta/share/perl5/Vyatta/VRRP/OPMode.pm line 249.
Interface: eth0
  Group: 100
  State:                        MASTER
  Last transition:              8s

  Source Address:               
  Priority:                     100
  Advertisement interval:       1 sec
  Authentication type:          none
  Preempt:                      enabled

  VIP count:                    1
      printf "  Source Address:\t\t%s\n",

Please let me know which is proper fix.
[] Source address should be display eth0 address.
] This configuration is invalid should commit fail.

And does anyonoe knows how to get eth0 address in perl script?


Hiroyuki Sato


I have the same issue with v1.1.5, is this been fixed?

in last version 1.1.6 - same problem
i check it with wireshark - if enable rfc-compatibility - no source address sent by Vyos.