Vti int goes down


I have IPSec tunnels with BGP configured between Amazon AWS and my office (Vyos 1.2.3). The tunnels each use a vti interface (vti3 & vti4). In a while one of the vti interfaces shows as Admin Down/Down and later the second one goes to Admin Down/Down state as well. If I run "reset vpn ipsec-peer X.X.X.X vti " it comes up again for a while. As I see from google search the similar topics were opened on this issue few years ago. But the main advice in this topics was to make some event-handler or script performing interface reset if it goes down. Is this bug fixed? If so, could you please advice how can I aviod this issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi @it.mirantis, did you see this task https://phabricator.vyos.net/T1876 ?
I think you need to try 1.2.5-epa2.

Hi Dmitry. Thank you for the quick reply. Unfortunately, I’ve missed the task T1876. Do you know if this bug is resolved in 1.2.5-epa2 or it is not for sure?

Hi @it.mirantis this bug not simple for reproducing but I guess this was resolved in 1.2.5-epa2