VXLAN and ARP traffic

I have noticed a problem with unicast VXLAN and ARP traffic using vyos 1.3 rolling release.
R1 is a VmWare VM, local interface eth1- promiscious mode and forged transmits accepted
R2 is VmWare VM
R3 in VmWare VM with local interface eth1 -promiscious mode and forged transmits allowed.

Interface connections:
br0(eth1,vxlan0, vni200) R1 eth0 <–>eth0 R2 eth1 <–>eth0 R3 -->br0(eth1, vxlan0, vni200)

I am noticing heavy ARP traffic between VTEPS on vxlan tunnel R1-vxlan0 <—> vxlan0-R3 It consumes 5-10Mbps bandwidth. It appears when R1 site PC1 pings R3 site PC3 and there is no arp entry on PC1 (and vice versa). Or when PC1 pings unexisting IP address…

Looks like VTEPS are sending to each other ARP requests and replies endlessly.

Any idea?