Vyatta 600 box - how to upgrade to VyOS


Hi I have a vyatta 600 box which has the subscription version 6.5 on it…

It has stopped working for some reason - cannot get to the serial console or via ethernet.

It still beeps when re-booted and the disk light flashes when I power on-off.

How would I boot it via a usb stick - or even upgrade the software…I have a suspicion that the hard drive is full and it just hasn’t the capacity to do any thing now…

I’d appreciate any help in re-activating this great little box…




I’ve not used any hardware Vyatta router, but I would have expected early boot to still show via serial regardless of disk space status. What disks shipped in these units? Compact flash? Or 2.5inch HDD? You could always try and attach disk to another computer system and carefully mount partitions read only to inspect.


As cgb said, a full disk would not prevent it from sending output to the serial console or booting. I assume it’s just x86 hardware inside?