vyatta.org redirect to Brocade and openssl vunerabilities


Now that it looks like vyatta.org site has been well and truly munted by Brocade, all of us running Vyatta will need to look closely at Vyos.
I get a feel looking at the forums of VyOS, that the VyOS community isn’t as active as that of the old Vyatta.
How can we get visibility as to what is being worked on and the roadmap and timescales? How can I get a visibility of what is going to be included in the maintenance releases? I see everything on the bugtracker seems to be assigned to “SO3Group maintainers” - is that just one person?

On another note, do we have visibility of what timescales the flaws of the latest round of OpenSSL vulnerabilities can be addressed?



Hello ashley

About OpenSSL.

Please check.

Hiroyuki Sato.