VyCenter Alpha Stage Announcement - VyOS Web Interface

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This looks very interesting! If I understand this correctly, you will be able to create firewall rules, or other configuration snippets, that will be able to push to multiple devices?
For instance in a datacenter where multiple vyos routers share the same firewall groups and rules.

Yes, that’s right. Our users cases will be:

  • datacenter which want to offer Firewall to multiple customers
  • individual installations are supported too and are not harder to implement than multi VyOS instances

We think about ran VyControl inside VyOS or directly as Python django runserver or inside a Docker if we add Docker function inside VyOS for whom want to enable

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new screenshoot

VyControl alpha released - working firewall without zones

  • check at github
  • subscribe announce list at our homepage

VyControl: VyOS Web Frontend

VyControl is a single frontend interface to manage a single or multiple VyoS servers. Only download VyOS Rolling Release, since VyControl needs the latest VyOS API.

Still in 2020, the most important functionalities that until then were only possible through CLI (command line interface), will be possible through a friendly and web interface developed in Django / Python.

Standalone VyoS installations can now have a control panel.

Datacenter installations with multiple VyoS will be able to offer their customers (with users, groups and granular control) firewall as a service

VyControl 20.05.10 - released

Release Description:

Full zone based firewall features.

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If managing multiple VyOS instances/routers, it’s becoming somekind of “SDN controller”?

This is a really interesting project. Looking into code, it seems to use django (which is fine) and allow management by hand for instances.

This is nice for smaller environments. Are there thoughts about also allow management of “many” vyos instances in an automatic way?

This looks nice :slight_smile:

I was looking for a firewall that could be easily managed, especially for the SMB market. This project could help bring “managed firewall services” to VyOS big time :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s idea. You can manage several VyOS instances using VyControl.

If you are a Datacenter, your internal team can use VyControl to manage your customers. Or you can give public access to your customers, so they can directly manage their Firewall using VyControl.

Network between VyControl and VyOS intances can be a private VLAN, so users will not need to have public SSH access to VyOS instances anymore.

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Currently VyControl doesn’t have any Public Restful API to manage instances or users. We have lots of other features to add firstly. But it can be done easly.

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We need help to add features on VyControl :slight_smile:
Our company will use VyControl on our customers, so we are going to finish features we will use first with a dedicated developer.

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We are looking for a managed firewall, our first choice is opensource so we can keep the price low for the SMB, eventually we want to earn enough money with it to add a programmer who can help us as well, and give back to the community :slight_smile:

thank you for your interest, please help us trying vycontrol and sending us bug reports or comments :slight_smile:

With docker client is there a way to access the web interface by something other than tried passing -e ALLOWED_HOST= at docker run, but unable to connect to vycontrol from afterward as the webpage errors out and returns:

DisallowedHost at /

Invalid HTTP_HOST header: ''. You may need to add '' to ALLOWED_HOSTS.

Running this in docker on an alpine VM with static IP of and would prefer not to set up Alpine VM GUI to access locally unless I have too.

Hi, I need improve Docker to made it Production ready. It was Docker packed only for testing. There are other improvements to be done like using a real database, using nginx and gunicorn, and so on.

You need to edit Django settings to change ALLOWED_HOSTS as well SECRET_KEY.
You can create your own Dockerfile using VyControl as example to change this file.

Ive been away for a while due to family issues, but tomorrow i’ll look into VyCenter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i tried joining the slack channel but i need an invitation…

you can get it here slack.vyos.io

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