Vymgmt configuration tool

I notice an issue with the Python code for vymgmt. If you run the run_conf_mode_command() on a command such as “load”, and then commit the changes e.g. vyos.commit(), it will give an error that there were no configuration changes to commit.
I have fixed this in the code of router.py as follows (line added in bold):
def run_conf_mode_command(self, command):
“”" Executes a VyOS configuration command

:param command: VyOS configuration command
:returns: Command output
:raises: VyOSError
if not self.__conf_mode:
    raise VyOSError("Cannot execute configuration mode commands outside of configuration mode")
    **self.__session_modified = True**
    return self.__execute_command(command)

@jbannister Can you create a task and add PR at phabricator.vyos.net ?

Ok sure - still waiting for approval from an admin there.