Vyos 1.1.8 vrrp run-transition-scripts with root,how to use another user or group?



I want run script when vrrp status change.
But i found i cant config with cli after script on.
the terminal display:
Active configuration has been changed by user ‘root’ on ‘?’.
Please make sure you do not have conflicting changes. You can also discard
the current changes by issuing ‘exit discard’.

I think script run as user root.
I try use head
source /opt/vyatta/etc/functions/script-template
and add
if [ “(id -g -n)" != 'vyattacfg' ] ; then exec sg vyattacfg -c "/bin/vbash (readlink -f 0) @”
at the top, but no usefully.
run-transition-scripts can not use sg vyattycfg /path.
how to fix this ? please help . thanks a lot.