VyOS 1.2.0 production ready?




I have 2 machines on wich I want to install VyOS to serve as a coporate router/firewall.

Unfortunatly, versiuon 1.1.7 of VyOS is not recent enough to support the SPF+ 10Gbit modules I need to use with these machines, but they work with 1.2.0.

So how is the maturity of the 1.2.0 branch? I read that it is now in beta 3? When is it expected to come out of beta?



We now moving to new rolling release model so there will be no betas anymore
only current rolling.
It’s have issues but pretty stable for most of use cases.
You need to try by yourself if it fits your needs in current state


Can you say something about the change in release model and how it goes on?


Yes, I’m interested in this to.


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We will announce change soon



Any new from VyOS for version 1.2.0 or for any new release? There is nothing new on twitter or in the blog.


VyOS is almost dead, there is no reason to wait for it. No new releases, no bug fiexes released, no VRRP for v6 (while a solution already exists) and so on…


Source on that bold statement?


The forum activities, the release frequency, the still missing (but often asked) support for ipv6 in vrrp (ipv6 are now mandatory and not optional) and so on…

The are multiple signal to make vyos dead or almost dead…


Weird. I see a whole lot of activity on bug tracker.



Thank goodness!


We preparing RC so it will become stable soon