VyOS 1.2.0RC10, RAID-1, fresh install, unable to save config


On a fresh install of VyOS 1.2.0RC10 in RAID-1 on 2 500G SSDs, I’m unable to save config.

There are no error messages, but /config does not get created by command save.

Any idea?

I have the same issue on one if my systems.
I was not really sure if the issue was at the SW-RAID1 or the new UEFI Boot function.

Did you use the UEFI Install/Boot?

Yes I did. On the same system using UEFI, the problem does not occur if I install on a single disk.

Exactly the same for me.
Seems like there is an issues when you combine the SW-RAID1 and UEFI Boot.

Would you mind to open an bug report about that issue?

I have some similar issues, check ⚓ T1120 rc11 raid-1 array wont come up on boot and see if it matches your experiences.

@Mr_Funken @jmlccdmd

See the linked phabricator task. Does booting with acpi=off or rootdelay=10 as mentioned correct it for you too?