VyOS 1.2.7 - Web Proxy squid fails to start

I’ve recently built VyOS 1.2.7. I completed both an upgrade and clean install. This release has a web proxy issue where squid is referred as “squid3” in VyOS scripts and templates while the system installation is “squid”. This leaves invalid references to squid directories and files. The bug appears to be an upstream one as per the following GitHub link that contains deprecated code but highlights the exact issue.

[service-webproxy: T1977: webproxy multiple errors · vyos/vyatta-webproxy@32c9c83 · GitHub]

Output of clean install system is as follows when trying to enable web proxy.

Some directories affected are:

Maybe do you mean 1.2.8?

This is bug described here ⚓ T3671 Webproxy not functional in 1.2.8 update
You can find a .deb pkg, which you can to install for the fix.
Can you check it?

My VyOS version should be 1.2.7 but below screenshot may confirm exact VyOS version.

The package resolves the proxy issue. Will this fix be added to VyOS source files soon?

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