Vyos 1.2 hang on boot by mounting config.boot


I have an old vyos 1.2 that hang on mount boot config file.

I suspect a problem with the dhcp client but not sure. After a few reboots works again :face_with_head_bandage:

My questions are, can I switch to another tty console with Ctrl+Alt+F3? I have tried but not worked.
Any idea how to login to read log files etc?

found here the solution


Perform the following steps to enable early shell access:

    Restart the Photon OS machine or the virtual machine running Photon OS.

    When the Photon OS splash screen appears, as it restarts, type the letter e quickly.

    Append systemd.debug-shell=1 to the kernel command line.

    Optionally, to change logging level to debug, you can append systemd.log_level=debug.

    Press F10 to proceed with the boot.

    Press Alt+Ctrl+F9 to switch to tty9 to access the debug shell.

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